This is how you benefit
from Compliance!


Deriving Benefits
from Compliance

Corporate compliance and IT compliance go hand in hand in times of digitization: from financial regulations, patient and drug safety, to individual guidelines in large companies – IT security, authentication, audit security in license management and privacy policy are among the cornerstones of modern compliance guidelines.

Proservia is your strong partner for achieving and maintaining compliance in IT and specialist topics.

Why peopleIT in the
Context of Compliance?

Thanks to our GroupPower, we know the decisive regulations from a wide variety of industries and support you with optimal specialist expertise - even beyond our portfolio.

Proservia offers process know-how for the compliant-regulations optimization of IT processes.

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Proservia is an
experienced Partner for you.

Compliance increases the value of your
company and minimizes risks.


We analyze your IT and
your specialist departments to see
where compliance is necessary, give
you an overview of the
compliance requirements, and
compare the actual with the target situation.


We support you with
specialists who are experts
in compliance and contracts
and take action together with you:
this is how you use compliance to your advantage.
Strategy. People. Operations.


We are the right partner for your
compliance issues, know the
requirements in risk management,
and work with you to improve the
quality and security of IT processes.


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