Safe and secure: this is how you keep your Security under control!


Security is more
than Safety

Global networking makes security an even more pressing issue. Networks, “things”, mobile devices, e-mail, and collaboration tools have to be secure and compliant.

This is also true for the physical security of data center buildings and the redundancy of the power supply components, including a comprehensive security concept that takes all aspects into holistic consideration – firewalls and authentication, cloud integration, patch management, data retention, and data protection – to protect your company’s business.

At Proservice, we provide you with support in all aspects of security.

Why peopleIT in the
Context of Security?

We understand your challenges: Benefit from our experienced specialists, technology and implementation know-how.

Proservia offers you flexible and scalable qualified resources and skills - even beyond our own portfolio.

We accompany you through the change process: further training, awareness and anchoring of increased security relevance at all levels of your company.

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of our Portfolio

Proservia is an experienced partner for all issues
to do with security and protection!


Security of Mobile

Mobile application management, identity and access management. This is how you make your mobile work secure.


Protect and secure –

Firewall / DMZ, intrusion prevention and detection, network access control (NAC). This is how you promote and protect your business.


Protect and secure –

Policy management, layer-7 security, mitigating attacks on web servers (such as SQL Injection, XSS, etc.), appliance-based or cloud-based. This is how you secure your applications and protect against data loss.


Messaging back-end

Encryption, multi-factor authentication PKI / certificates, anti-spam, anti-virus, vulnerability management. This is how you make your systems secure.


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Renowned clients from the SME sector and corporations rely on
Proservia’s expertise. With strong partners and on the basis of proven
certification, we work together to make our clients’ business
a success.

Delivery Model

Integrated security with tailor-made solutions:
Proservia is an experienced partner that can help you with design, planning,
and implementation.



With our many years of experience, we design your security governance and plan individual security projects from a holistic perspective.

We advise you on secure access to your applications, even in the cloud.

We combine forward-looking, collaboration-oriented, open working with the appropriate security architecture.



We implement the security of networks, applications, mobile devices, unified communication and collaboration.

The focus is on a holistic view of your safety, elasticity and cost control requirements.

As a partner we accompany you with assessments on network security and workshops on firewall management solutions.



We also support critical infrastructures, e.g. hardened operating systems and security incident management.

We procure hardware and software suitable for the chosen security solution.

As a partner, we assume the control role for secure carrier management.