Microsoft Inspire – die Vorschau

Microsoft Inspire – The Preview

Microsoft is to present its strategy for the new fiscal year at the Inspire conference. This includes a strong focus on HR management.

The Inspire conference, Microsoft’s most important partner event, takes place this year from July 15 to 19 at the Hotel Mandala Bay and the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

Because Microsoft’s fiscal year starts on July 1, this year’s Microsoft Inspire is the event at which Microsoft will inform its own and its partners’ employees of its strategy for 2018/19 as a kick-off for technology, marketing, and sales.

In the Corenote speeches, CEO Satya Nadella, President Brad Smith, and a host of other managers will explain Microsoft’s strategic and product innovations in detail.

Key topics include the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, Dynamics 365, HR management, the hybrid cloud, and the growing role of artificial intelligence (AI) as well as digitalization. Microsoft will make a strong commitment to the issues of security and sustainability.

At the German day on July 19, the German management team will also be providing information specific to the German market.

Initiative for HR management

Microsoft is also constantly expanding its offering specifically for HR managers.

HR is a focal point for Microsoft, and to this end, the company has launched the HR Reimagined initiative in order to modernize HR management in-house for the 100,000 Microsoft employees.

The platform for this is Microsoft Azure, supplemented by the products Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Skype for Business, Microsoft Sharepoint Online, and SAP.

A global HR team is implementing the initiative. The goal is a global shared service and a self-service portal for employees.

Artificial intelligence for human relations

Currently a hot topic, artificial intelligence is set to modernize talent management in conjunction with cognitive recruiting.

Software agents notice when an interested party accesses a company’s job ads and steer them towards offers appropriate to their skills.

This helps HR managers to engage with applicants more quickly and effectively in times of specialist staff shortages.

With Microsoft Cognitive Services, developers can install artificial intelligence in applications. There are already dozens of Microsoft Cognitive Services for various scenarios. The Microsoft Bot Framework makes interaction easier.

Microsoft generally pursues the aim of integrating artificial intelligence into every single product. The Microsoft Research AI laboratory is driving this initiative forward.

Dynamics 365 HR Management

The Office 365 cloud solution has already gained widespread acceptance. It is now the turn of Dynamics 365, the suite for SMEs. Dynamics HR Management is an all-round solution in the cloud or as a local installation for HR management. Microsoft promises 80% lower administrative costs and a high level of employee satisfaction.

In Germany, HR managers can buy Microsoft Dynamics HR for €1,270 per person or hire it for €59 per month. Further Dynamics 365 licenses are required for full use.

German-speaking Microsoft partners are becoming active in HR management

Along with Microsoft itself, numerous partners in the German-speaking region are developing modern solutions for HR management. For instance, Proservia is positioning itself here among SMEs and large companies with its hitherto unique approach, peopleIT. With peopleIT, the firm aims to combine the advantages of people and IT in an operational, strategic and sustainable way.

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