Improved Field Services Thanks to Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to make field services even more customer-friendly. Its possibilities have not yet been exhausted. Here you can find out what is already possible in practice in this field.

If everything runs automatically and with artificial intelligence (AI), then ideally it will work like clockwork. There are a number of applications where AI is already helpful, and others where it will be in the near future. Nevertheless, the human factor remains indispensable.

Streamlining of processes and relief of employees

Manuel Grenacher, general manager for Field Service Management at SAP, sees four advantages in using AI for field services: process automation, reducing employee workload, improved customer experience, and optimized knowledge management.

Automated processes can streamline workflows. For example, a customer can use a self-service app to report a service request. The system searches for free slots depending on the type of service, the location, and the necessary qualifications of the technician, and then offers the customer two or three options. Booking and confirmation can be fully automated.

It is also important to reduce the workload of the employees, because service technicians often rush from one assignment to the next. Chat bots based on artificial intelligence can help here. They use chat windows to provide simple information, for example based on the company’s Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), or they refer to technical data sheets and instructions for use. In this way, customers receive answers to first-level questions at any time. This self-help automatically reduces the number of on-site assignments – and technicians can concentrate on complex jobs and emergencies.

Customer satisfaction can be increased by collecting, analyzing, evaluating, and forwarding requests received via e-mail, social media, web chat, phone, and the like to the appropriate employee using AI. This employee receives a selection of suitable response options, which he/she only needs to supplement if required.

Knowledge management optimized with AI extracts and analyzes relevant information about past orders. This makes it clear when another service order might be due or which tool will be needed for the next job, and how much time will be needed. The results are then stored in the Field Service Management software and all connected systems.

Proservia Field Services – more efficient thanks to AI

Tobias Rudolph, managing director of Proservia Field Services GmbH, emphasizes: “AI is already helping us to make our field services more efficient and customer-friendly. In the future, we will use AI even more intensively, and see a wide range of application scenarios.”

As an independent subsidiary focusing on local services, Proservia Field Services pursues a modular and flexible service concept to ensure this individuality and optimal integration into customer processes. Each customer is different and has individual needs. With peopleIT, Proservia has created a unique concept to bring man and machine together. This is especially important when using AI, because human support remains indispensable for the machines.

Proservia on-site service is used for incidents and service requests for hardware and software, both in offices and at data centers. On-site service technicians are the personal contact for end users, and always work according to current general as well as customer-specific quality and security standards.


Image source: iStock /  gorodenkoff