Cloud Enablement in a Nutshell

Cloud Enablement in a Nutshell

To navigate the pathway to the cloud, you need expert guidance. Proservia’s cloud enablement services give you easy access to all the advantages of the cloud.

Major cloud providers provide a huge range of services—which can make things so confusing. Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure provide an array of attractive solutions. It takes expert advice to find the one that matches your needs.

As a registered Consulting Partner of AWS and a Gold Partner of Microsoft, Proservia is precisely the expert consultant you need on your pathway to the cloud. We show you the right cloud solutions for your company.

We take a close look at your requirements, taking into account your business, technology, and employees. Our experts are always on hand on your pathway to the cloud.

We recommend and design migration scenarios for you in the public cloud, the hybrid cloud, or an individual private cloud of one of our data center partners.

PeopleIT plays a key role in cloud enablement – read more. Our experts advise you on the roles your employees should undertake on the pathway to the cloud. Proservia takes on a leadership role in the cloud and instructs all your employees from top management to individual employees on the right approach, and helps to build up expertise. Creating acceptance and understanding also makes the technology easy to cope with.

Proservia’s services in detail

There are four main elements of Proservia’s cloud enablement services: The first part is an introductory workshop on the AWS cloud with Cloud to Go. We show you the first steps towards the AWS cloud. We advise you on how to keep costs under control. We show you how you to work with authorization concepts, demonstrate the most important security concepts, and show you how to implement Single Sign-On (SSO).

For the secure cloud, in the second element, we deal with Cloud Secure, the security audit of your entire AWS account. We show you how to protect your AWS account properly on the basis of recognized security standards and best practices. The focus here is on fundamental, testable, and non-architecture-dependent settings. Consequently, security in the cloud is no problem.

Third, we show you how to work securely with Office 365 Connect with Microsoft Azure and Office 365. We analyze your environments in a workshop. Next, we show you how to set up tenants and test environments in Azure. We set up Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) for you and help you to implement and operate Office 365. This keeps you flexible with Microsoft Azure and Office 365.

Fourth, we introduce you to cloud workload automation. We show you the benefits of automated batch scheduling and cloud-based software as a service (SaaS). We provide you with flexible modular services and use-based billing.

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The delivery model

Proservia’s experts take your IT into the cloud. We provide you with extensive advice and help you to find the right partner for your pathway to the cloud. We guide you through the technically complex and wide-ranging cloud services because we know the strengths and weaknesses of the respective providers. In terms of security, Proservia provides you with comprehensive expertise.

When it comes to specific projects, we assess your requirements holistically and find a model for you that is a perfect fit for your company’s needs. We structure projects relating to AWS and Microsoft Azure for you.

Our “Cloud to Go” and “Cloud Secure”packages for AWS as well as “Office365 Connect” make your transition to the cloud easy and secure. Our longstanding experience with cloud projects is your guarantee of success.

As a registered Consulting Partner of AWS and a Gold Partner of Microsoft, Proservia understands both the cloud and the data center. As a full-service IT provider, we develop solutions, deliver the architecture and take responsibility in operation. Your cloud is in safe hands with us.

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