Career management – three tips to make your working life easier

Employees are more discerning these days. These three tips will help you to improve career management.

Employees expect more from their career than just money. Motivation is the “magic word”, and this is a long-term process made up of several components.

As an HR manager, it is your responsibility to improve your employees’ satisfaction and efficiency through skillful career management: here are three tips for this.

1. Autonomy and recognition

The despicable Grand Vizier Iznogoud could always count on the loyalty of his servant Wa’at Alahf. However, modern employees are no longer willing to be servants. Instead, they want to work autonomously and expect recognition. You should create an environment in which both are guaranteed.

Give employees sufficient scope and show appreciation for their positive performance. An “employee of the month” award or something similar can significantly boost self-confidence. Provide feedback. Respect ensures that non-material incentives work.

2. Set targets

Employees like to know what is expected of them. Specific targets are very helpful here. As an HR manager, you should be very careful here and check that the targets are within a realistic framework.

Otherwise, frustration can soon set in. Supervisors should regularly clarify targets with employees and obtain feedback. Problems must be identified and discussed. If targets are exceeded, the rewards must also reflect this.

3. Convey information

Employees can work properly only if they are given enough information. As an HR manager, you should ensure that there are abundant sources of information.

This includes a functioning intranet, wikis on the company’s products with operating and repair instructions as well as open discussions between supervisors and employees.

Involvement of the management is also required here. The boss who prefers to keep everything to himself / herself is a thing of the past. If employees bring concerns and suggestions, they should be taken very seriously.


Source cover picture: LeoWolfert / iStock